Dave MutzAbaugh

Drums, Vocals

Veteran drummer, Dave Mutzabaugh has played in numerous bands over the years including BitterSuite, Uncle Wiggley, Slapstick, Chickee LaVarr, Pressure, L.A. Rockers, Filthy Rich, Doc Roc, The Stephan Nicholas Band, HYT, and now OFF OUR ROCKERS!

Listening to Dave play you will hear major influences such as Cork Young (Snake), Ringo Starr (The Beatles), Bill Bruford (Yes & King Crimson), and Phil Collins (Genesis), all who have shaped Dave into the drummer he is today. 

A passion for all kinds of music has influenced his playing. From Honky Tonk jazz to pop, rock, progressive, even disco, and especially full symphony classical music. “I love classical music – there’s just nothing that gets me more excited than hearing a full symphony – the music is so emotional.” 

When not drumming Dave loves to read, and has a good-sized library. His favorites are science fiction, horror, and biographies. “I also enjoy writing and am working on my memoirs, which will be available to purchase soon! My favorite movies / TV series are westerns, but also love fantasy, cops & lawyers, and sit-coms.

“I’ve been trying to be a drummer for 60 years, and I think I’m finally catching on to how it works. I love to talk shop, so please don’t hesitate to approach me at our shows.”