Lancaster on Line Dec 2, 2016 Friday YouTube Roundup: Live music from Off Our Rockers, Hershey Handbell Ensemble and more ·   JENELLE JANCI | Staff Writer FACEBOOK.COM/LANCASTERROCKERS Off our Rockers will perform at AmVets Post 19 tonight. Lancaster-area music lovers: your weekend guide has arrived. There are plenty of options if you’re looking to catch some tunes this weekend, from touring acts to local talent. Watch the accompanying YouTube videos to get a taste of each performer's style. ” - Jenelle Janci

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    When Scott MacFeat hooked up with the band Off the Kuff, he thought it would only be for a short time as their sound technician. Now, a year later, MacFeat serves as lead guitarist for Off the Kuff, a cover band whose members hail from Lancaster and York and who are quickly gaining an audience in the area. I figured I'd just run sound a couple of times," MacFeat said in a phone interview Tuesday. "But when a couple of guys left, the band asked me to sit in on guitar for a few gigs and I just never left.  MacFeat and his bandmates, Dave Sterner (lead vocals/drums/keyboard), Andrew Smith (lead guitar/vocals), Mark Frey (drums/vocals) and Al DeWalt (bass), play songs that embody a rock 'n' roll style with emphasis on '70s rock and Southern rock influences. Off the Kuff will bring this sound to Lancaster on Saturday when they open for the Screamin' Daisys at The Village in downtown Lancaster. This is the first time that Off the Kuff has played The Village, however, MacFeat and his bandmates have been there before. I played The Village in the '90s with another band and was looking to go back," MacFeat said. Other Off the Kuff members also played The Village with former groups, but this time seems more important in terms of perpetuating their current band's future. After hiring booking agent Dale Carman, MacFeat said, Off the Kuff began to see the number and caliber of their gigs grow. The Village is the biggest venue we've played," MacFeat said. The band hopes that Carman's connections, especially in the Lancaster area, will help them to gain greater recognition, he said. Off the Kuff will play songs by artists that most local bargoers are familiar with, like Deep Purple, The Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd. MacFeat wants the set on Saturday to give the audience something to talk about. We're going to pick a lot of upbeat tunes and burn 'em out," he said. It is the power from the audience that keeps MacFeat on the stage instead of behind it. When I see people getting into it, it makes me feel good, too. It's a back-and-forth thing. It's a cool feeling. The members of Off the Kuff may have been around the cover-band block, but the excitement that comes from simply playing music has not gone away. When I play, I just want to make people feel good," MacFeat said. Ultimately, Off the Kuff wants to leave the audience wanting more. "I hope when we leave there we leave a really good impression," MacFeat said. "Hopefully people there will go out and tell other people about us so we can become more well-known and play more gigs in the Lancaster area. Screamin' Daisys with Off the Kuff, Sat., 9:30 p.m., Village Nightclub, 205 N. Christian St., 397-5000. E-mail:” - LAURA FREEMAN Staff

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  MANHEIM PA, November 5, 2013 – One roadied for former Grand Funk’s Mark Farner, another played guitar on a Michael Jackson album.  One backed up Chuck Berry and another is a former member of the Allman Brothers. Add to the mix the Beatle’s recording studio.  What’s the connection?  Answer: They all helped to create a new CD. Singer/songwriter, Iggy Taylor, has released his latest CD titled “Ataraxis”, which means the absence of stress or anxiety.  For additional information, visit Iggy’s web site at:” - Mike Schwartz

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