Scott MacFeat:Guitar  began playing and singing over thirty years ago. Joining the band Progress in 1980 Scott started his musical journey. The next ten years Scott found himself in Force Five, Times Square, Wired, Thunderstruck and Country Line. Taking a break from bands until 2000 he joined Red Thread. In 2005, Scott and Dave joined forces and made a splash in the Lancaster area with the band, Off the Kuff.  Off the Kuff quickly got noticed. Unfortunately Scott had to move and Off the Kuff disbanded.

Dave Mutzabaugh Drums / Vocals

Veteran drummer, Dave Mutzabaugh  has played in numerous bands over the years including –BitterSuite, Uncle Wiggley, Slapstick, Chickee LaVarr, Pressure, L.A. Rockers, Filthy Rich, Doc Roc and the Nuclear Dogs, The Stephan Nicholas Band, HYT, and now OFF OUR ROCKERS!

Listening to Dave play you will hear major influences such as Cork Young (Snake), Ringo Starr (Beatles), Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer), Bill Bruford (Yes & King Crimson), and Barriemore Barlow (Jethro Tull) all who have shaped Dave into the drummer he is today. 

A passion for all kinds of music has influenced his playing.   “I love classical music – there’s just nothing that gets me more excited than hearing a full symphony – it evokes so many emotions.”  Honky Tonk music of the mid 1900’s ,Pop and progressive music are also his favorites.  

Dave’s kit is extraordinary just to see.  A Tama floor tom and kick drum w/ Tama Speed Cobra double pedal; Pearl symphonic percussion toms and Pearl hardware; Paiste cymbals are only a few pieces of this left handed drummers impressive kit.  Behind him hang two huge Wuhan brass gongs.   “I’m not finished yet – it is a work in progress – I am interested in adding electronic percussion pads (or triggers), and special effects of sorts”.

When not drumming Dave loves to read, and has a good-sized library. His favorites are science fiction, horror, and biographies.  “I also enjoy writing and will be doing more of that when I retire.  My favorite movies / TV series are westerns, but I also love a very wide variety of comedies, ’60s & ’70s being my first choice”.

“I’ve been trying to be a drummer for 51 years, and I think I’m catching on to how it works.  I love to talk shop, so please don’t hesitate to approach me at our shows.”

Iggy Taylor: Keyboards / Vocals
Award winning singer, songwriter and musician Iggy Taylor, started playing music at the age of ten. Teaching himself piano/organ and bass guitar, Taylor played in several East Coast cover bands. 

Bursting back onto the Delaware music scene in 1999 as “Bad Betsy” Taylor began writing and performing his own songs. Independently releasing seven CD’s, Taylor’s music has been featured on local radio such as W.S.T.W’s Hometown Heroes, The Sherri Mullen show and The Dave Gaffney show. Media coverage has included both local and national publications. Joining the all original band, "Too Little Time”, in 2006, Iggy continued to make a difference through positive lyrics, music and actions. The band’s popularity quickly grew as the baby boomer generation found and appreciated the music they created.


Jeff Barninger - Guitar, Vocals

Jeff Barninger’s musical journey is like a lyric from Bryan Adams’s Summer of 69. Maybe more Christmas of 66 that’s when Jeff got his first guitar and amp. First song was Louie Louie, next came Wipe Out and then the classic "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida".  Jeff hungered for more so in 1967 he began to take guitar lessons from Dale Fryberger and in 1969 joined Emery Frie. Jeff first jammed with now Rocker band mate, Dave Mutzabaugh in 1973. Later on Jeff bounced around in various bands including Fast Cookies and next the Jetz. 

Like many “rockers” Jeff took a vacation from music for about fifteen years to raise a family and rebuild a farmhouse. In 1999 music called him back and with the help of friend, Dale Duffy, Jeff joined Phantom Black. A few more years, a few more bands until 2015 when he joined Off Our Rockers.

Jeff’s knowledge of rock and roll is impressive as he can usually play any “rock” song from the past four decades simply from memory. A true “Rocker”.


Sheri Beaudoin

Vocals / Keyboards

Sheri has had a lifetime love of performing music, from studying piano at age 10, to being the resident accompanist for her high school choirs, to majoring in music during her college years. While in college, she joined a local band as a singer/keyboardist, which began a 20 year stint singing and playing in regional bands in the South Jersey area. After taking a break to raise a family, she has come out of retirement and is excited to be sharing her love of live performance with audiences again.

Sheri likes all music, but has a special place in her heart for piano playing singers such as Elton John, Barry Manilow, and Billy Joel, as well as others.

Ron Beaudoin

Sax and Flute

Ron has been rocking the sax and all things music since he killed it with his 4th grade talent show’s version of the Carpenters hit- Close to You. Since then his love for music has taken him as far as New Orleans, Orlando and Montreal and well gigs throughout Philadelphia and the Jersey shore. He’s shared stages with jazz greats Louis Bellison, Gerry Mulligan and Ubie Green and has dazzled audiences his lyric and hard rocking phrasings on tenor, alto sax and flute.

After taking a break to start a business, selling musical instruments of course, and a family he’s back to wow audiences with his lovely and talented wife Sheri, rocking out the classic hits they grew up on.

Erik Teichmann

Bass Guitar

Erik has been holding down the low end on the bass for 25 years. He played in garage bands through high school, and later attended the music program at the University of Southern Maine where he studied Jazz Performance on the Trombone. He played with Portland local favorite before moving to Pennsylvania.

After spending a few years leading bands in churches, Erik is returning to his roots on the bass guitar with Off Our Rockers.